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To: Visitors

From: Elena Haskins

From April 1997 through April 2012,

I was the owner, researcher, writer, graphic artist and webmistress for WakeUpOrDie.com.

Until I request removal, some pages from my site are available at:


For having a Pro-White website, I was frequently harassed.

Risk determination was a continual problem.

Even after an asian used my identity to make murder threats without consequences,

I continued.

Even after I was knocked unconscious by a politically correct white male,

I continued.

Traumatic head injury was the probable cause of a subsequent

optical nerve hemorrhage that caused damage to my retina.

After more injuries and years of financially ruinous divorce/legal problems

all worsened by my having a Pro-White website,

I had no more money to support WakeUpOrDie.com.

WakeUpOrDie.com is in process to be released as a series of books.

After having sacrificed too much,

these are my questions for the White Gentile males

who have proved themselves to be so disappointing:

Who do you provide for?

Who do you protect?

What % of your gross income & billable hours are spent freeing White Gentiles?

What is your signal-to-noise ratio?

Do you create/propagate solutions?

If you are so brave, why are you using a pseudonym?